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9th Youth Summer School of Slovenian Language in Ljubljana

The centre for Slovenian as a Foreign Language based at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, has been organizing a Youth Summer School of Slovenian Language since 2006. It is designed for teenagers, aged between 13 and...


Bled Strategic Forum 2014

Welcome to Bled Strategic Forum 1st and 2nd September 2014!


Slovenian participation at 1st International Conference on Demography and Population Studies 16-19 June 2014 in Athens

Athens will host the 1st Annual International Conference on Demography and Population Studies on 16-19 June 2014, where 38 experts from 23 different countries - including Slovenia - will participate. Slovenia will be...


World famous Slovenian DJ Denis Jašarević - Gramatik back in Greece

Famous Slovenian artist of electronic music Denis Jašarević Gramatik once again is visiting Thessaloniki (20 June) and Athens (21 June 2014)! His music is very popular also in Greece - big, summer, open-air...


Slovenian/Croatian performance opens 18th International ancient Greek drama festival July 2014 in Cyprus

The curtain of the International Festival of Ancient Greek Drama will be raised on 4th July 2014 for the 18th year. A multicultural programme is ready, promising the theatre friends moments of thrill, pathos and merriment. The...


Coronation in Slovenian language at Zollfeld

This year is the 600th anniversary of the coronation of Ernest the Iron, the last duke of Carinthia, that took place on 18 March 1414 at Zollfeld or, in Slovenian language, Gosposvetsko polje. He too submitted himself to a...


Slovenian pavilion at 14th International Architecture Exhibition – Biennale di Venezia

At the 14th International Architecture Exhibition in Venece 7 June - 23 November 2014 the Pavilion of Slovenia delves on the fundamentals of architecture by looking at the work of Slovene engineer Herman Potočnik Noordung,...


Environment Commissioner Potočnik launched the Mediterranean marine litter week in Athens

Every year, millions of tons of litter end up in the marine environment worldwide, including the Mediterranean. Particularly after the RIO+20 Summit, marine litter is recognized as one of the major pollution problems that damages...


Minister Erjavec and ICC President Song support the Court's jurisdiction

Brdo pri Kranju is 15.-16.5.2014 hosting an international seminar entitled "Turning the Kampala Amendments into Reality". The seminar forms part of a campaign supporting the exercise of jurisdiction of the International...


22 May - Slovenian Diplomacy Day

22 May has been designated Slovenian Diplomacy Day to mark the day in 1992 when the young independent state, the Republic of Slovenia, joined the great family of nations of the United Nations Organization. It should be noted that...

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