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Children from Crete discovering Slovenia

In order to celebrate the Week of Europe in May, pupils from 2nd Elementary School of Mournies in Chania were discovering EU and Slovenia. The children were learning Slovenian words, solving the quiz,... What...


List of Fairs in Slovenia in 2012



In Cyprus, Slovenia is represented by the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Nicosia - only for Schengen Visa procedure

According to the Agreement between the Republic of Slovenia and the Slovak Republic on the representation in the visa procedure, the Embassy of Slovak Republic in Nicosia is providing assistance to the citizens of third countries...


Address by the President of Slovenia Dr Danilo Türk on the occasion of Slovenian Statehood Day, 24.6.2011, Ljubljana

Esteemed Citizens of Slovenia, Fellow Slovenians around the world,Our country is celebrating its twentieth birthday. Throughout slovenia and elsewhere in the world, this day is intended to commemorate the hope and...


Where to follow latest Slovenia news?

Dear readers, the edition of the weekly newsletter is now on line on the following webside: http://www.ukom.gov.si/en/media_room/newsletter_slovenia_news/last_published_newsletter/


2011 brings celebrations marking the 20th anniversary of Slovenia’s independence

The slogan of celebrations in 2011 is "From the Plebiscite to the Constitution". 23 December 2010 marked 20 years since a plebiscite was held at which an overwhelming majority of people voted for an independent Slovenia. On...


Slovenia state scholarship for the academic year 2011/2012

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia announces up to 10 scholarships for the academic year 2011/2012 (1.10.2011 till 30.9.2012).

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